Latest update: June 21st 2018

Videos of Wednesday Plenary Sessions are online for attendees.

We're building a living document to capture the outcomes of WTMF 2018 for future meetings. Nearly all the sessions on Wednesday have been uploaded to a draft version of the WTMF 2018 "magazine: We're still working on Steve Walsh's IOT presentation and the discussion. But it shows you what can be produced in real time. See proceedings section on this link this preview version. there are minor corrections to be made.

Welcome! This is the official website of the World Technology Mapping Forum.

Here are links to the latest forum programme and important hotel information.

Weather Outlook for Enschede. Highs & Lows in Centigrade

Slight changes to Bus transportation times for those staying in preferred hotels. This is latest version:

Travel to the Forum Venue in Enschede, The Netherlands.

The three-day highly technical gathering will be held from June 20-22nd 2018 in the Horst conference centre on the campus of the University of Twente in Enschede. This is in the heart of one the Netherlands leading optics and nanotechnology regions. Organisation of the forum is possible thanks to the generous supported by the Netherlands Province of Overijssel.

Everything about getting to the city of Enschede from abroad

By air and train: We suggest flying in and out of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Once you clear customs, you will find the ticket office of Dutch Railways in the arrival terminal in an area called Schiphol Plaza. The train platforms are at a lower level. Schiphol is an important hub for the Dutch rail network. It’s very easy to get to Enschede from there. Dutch railways offers a regular direct connection to Enschede Central Station from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Click this link to plan your journey on the Dutch railways website. Travel time by the Intercity rail service is just over two hours. You can buy a ticket online, or you can purchase a ticket at the NS Dutch Railways counter in Schiphol Plaza.

Alternative from Germany: You can also travel by train to Enschede from nearby the airports of Munster or Dortmund in Germany, but there is no direct connection. Travel time to Enschede from the airports in Germany varies between 2 – 3 hrs each way.

Auto Route to University of Twente and the WTMF venue.

By car: The address for navigation systems is Horst 2, 7522 LW Enschede. From the A1 motorway, take the A35 motorway in the direction of Enschede. Take exit 26: Enschede - West / Universiteit. Follow the signs ‘Universiteit". You can park in parking lot "P2" and then walk to the Horst building. Visitors with mobility vehicles can request access at the barrier

Use this link to download a PDF version of the campus map

Parking for the official dinner on June 20th in the Grote Kerk, Enschede.

The address of the venue is Oude Markt 32, 7511 GB Enschede. We recommend parking in one of the two parking garages given below.

- Irenegarage: Van Lochemstraat 9, 7511 EG Enschede or

- Stationsplein: Brammelerdwarsstraat, 7511 EN Enschede.

By Bus: The campus is a short bus trip or taxi ride from Enschede city centre. From Enschede railway station: line number 1 in the direction of ‘Universiteit Twente’ or line number 8 in the direction of Hengelo-Noordline or number 9 in the direction of Hengelo. There will be bus transportation on Wednesday to the offcial dinner in the centre of Enschede.

By Taxi: There are several dozen taxi companies in Enschede including Taxi Excellent: Tel: +31 53 47 88647. (website ) and Taxi Enschede Tel: +31 53 234 0555 (website

The WTMF Venue at the University Campus

All plenary and breakout sessions will take place in the same place. The Horst Building is building number 20 located on the Eastern side of Campus University of Twente, Enschede. Street Address: De Horst 2, 7522 LW, Enschede, the Netherlands. Telephone reception desk: +31 53 489 2500

The entrance to the Horst Building is located below the Horst Tower.

Registration for WTMF 2018 has now closed.

Contact details of the organisers

The meeting is being jointly organised by AIM Academy and PhotonDelta. Please contact Karin Appeldoorn, who is the Office Manager at PhotonDelta HQ in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Send an email to or call us on +31 40 247 3258 during European office hours or leave a message. (we operate on the GMT/UTC + 2 hours time zone until the forum begins).  Please note this is a highly technical planning forum and not a general conference about Photonics. We suggest signing up for the free WTMF Newsletter to stay informed of developments after the gathering.

In the period up to the gathering, this website will repost articles from the PhotonDelta website which relate to the WTMF topics and keep you informed about related publications and presentations.

Background Articles related to World Technology Mapping Forum

New Articles for June 2018

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Why this year's WTMF is of interest to those involved in the Energy Transition Strategy

Geert Braaksma's Vision for Photonics in Twente

Testing Times - The Intriguing Challenge to Scale Photonics

JePPIX Launches 2018 Photonics Roadmap


Previous articles published in 2017. Still current.

Packaging. Why Automation is key to scaling. Scott Jordan.

5 Photonic Technologies Vying for Business Success

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European Photonics - The Results are In

Global Markets for Photonics. Michael Lebby keynote

Why Pilotlines are Key to European Photonics Development. José Pozo, European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC)


Invitation to Actively Contribute

Thank you for your continued interest in the World Technology Mapping Forum. We look forward to your active participation in realising our common goals.

Ton Backx, PhotonDelta

Lionel Kimerling, AIM Photonics Academy Boston

World Technology Mapping Forum

Enschede, June 20-22 2018