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This year's WTMF-2018 has now concluded. Thanks to over 160 participants for making the 2018 WTMF a massive success. And the discussions will continue throughout the year on 3 different continents as the important work continues. This site remains active throughout the year with updates and background articles.

For reference: Here is the link to the final forum programme which ran from June 20-22nd in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Watch WTMF-2018 - New link to on-line magazine.

Group photo by Eric Brinkhorst. Click the photo to read our free magazine. It takes you to the new permanent link for this magazine.

Our new WTMF online magazine includes complete videos of Wednesday Plenary Presentations and Debate, as well as the Friday morning Feedback presentations and wrap up from Lionel Kimerling and Ton Backx. The latest release was made on Friday June 29th 2018. We have added the indexed Powerpoints of the final presentations. Note that the magazine moved to a new link on June 30th.

Why are we doing this? We are experimenting with new ways to capture and share the knowledge from the forum. We think this approach can serve as a blueprint to other deep-dive conferences. Conversations often stop because those who couldn’t attend can only access a Powerpoint. We believe this is rather like sending a colleague a feature film without the soundtrack. Not much use. This year, video recordings were made of the Wednesday and Friday presentations using a new near-real-time publishing technology we’re developing in the Netherlands. This is a dynamic document. Relevant documents and videos will be added in the coming months and we move towards other WTMF meetings in the Fall of 2018.

Here are the 374 photos we promised

We have posted two sets on Flickr which can be freely downloaded. If you use photos taken by Eric Brinkhorst, then we ask you credit Eric Brinkhorst in the caption. All other photos should be labeled as Credit:PhotonDelta. Let us know if the photos are useful. The photos are in highly quality so please bear in mind if you are downloading with a mobile phone. We recommend downloading via WiFi. Enjoy browsing on line. We like them. We hope you do too.

Wednesday Album: (251 photos) Plenary Sessions & Official Dinner in Enschede. Link:

Thursday Album: (123 photos). Snaps taking during the 16 workshop sessions throughout the second day: Link:

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Save the dates for these IPSR-I meetings:

  • Fall meeting November 29th/30th 2018 AIM Photonics Academy, Boston.
  • Winter 2019 Meeting – Japan. Dates and exact venue to be announced.
  • Spring 2019 Meeting – California. Dates and exact venue to be announced.
  • Summer Meeting 2019: WTMF-3 will be hosted by Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute, from June 12-14 2019 in Berlin Germany. Exact details of the venue are still being worked out.

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Background Articles related to World Technology Mapping Forum

New Articles for June 2018

Next Generation Silicon Transceivers Need a Different Approach

Viasat - Why Terabit satellite solutions are needed for a Terabit world.

Jose Pozo on understanding the challenges ahead.

Why this year's WTMF is of interest to those involved in the Energy Transition Strategy

Geert Braaksma's Vision for Photonics in Twente

Testing Times - The Intriguing Challenge to Scale Photonics

JePPIX Launches 2018 Photonics Roadmap


Previous articles published in 2017. Still current.

Packaging. Why Automation is key to scaling. Scott Jordan.

5 Photonic Technologies Vying for Business Success

What Just Happened in Brabant?

Global Challenges for Photonics by 2030 Lionel Kimerling

Why Innovation in Photonics is Crucial

European Photonics - The Results are In

Global Markets for Photonics. Michael Lebby keynote

Why Pilotlines are Key to European Photonics Development. José Pozo, European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC)


Invitation to Actively Contribute

Thank you for your continued interest in the World Technology Mapping Forum. We look forward to your active participation in realising our common goals.

Ton Backx, PhotonDelta

Lionel Kimerling, AIM Photonics Academy

World Technology Mapping Forum

Berlin, Germany June 12-14 2019